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In 2021, I’m thinking about hiring people to help me out.Just thinking, not actively doing it yet.
Hiring has many problems, and I already wrote about how relationships are not linear here.
Delegate to machines it’s far easier for me:
  • they almost never fail;
  • if they fail, it’s most likely your fault.
    Sometimes, though, you can’t not hire humans. So, I’ve been thinking about how to migrate machines’ characteristics to humans.
    My hire needs to be:
    • Cost-effective (cashflow is everything in a bootstrapped business);
    • Reachable;
    • Able to communicate basic messages back at me;
    So, with that in mind I’ve made a candidate persona. Disclaimer: this process is very opinionated, and might feel very exclusive (rather than inclusive).
    Here we go:
    • She needs to be from a country where € is stronger. Maybe Serbia. Or Philippines. Serbian monthly salaries range from €300/month to €1k/month for someone full-time.
    • She needs to preferably understand code. I believe people who can understand code have superpowers, and are generally more open minded. Personal opinion.
    • She needs to be preferably a woman. I believe women have superpowers. Again, personal opinion. In addition, I’m Italian and a gentleman, which means I work better with ladies rather than guys. Guys I work with end up making me less patient, too soon.
    • She needs to have good wifi; Being able to communicate in English (another perk of Serbian people is that they can communicate in Italian, too)
    • She needs to be a contractor. No need to waste time thinking about all the legal things that usually go with hiring employees.
    • Hire 2 at a time, for redundancy. I’m a coder, after all.
    As I reach my goal of $100k ARR with just SaaS products, I’ll be bringing on one person, and then possibly another one.
    Let’s see how it goes.
    Mike Rubini

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    Mike Rubini