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As the year 2022 draws to a close, I reflected on what I'd accomplished this year. Last year was ok, and this one was a little better.
MY YEAR BY QUARTERS (all figures are in EUR in this section)
Q1 – growing MRR from ~8.5k to ~13k MRR
Q2 – growing MRR from ~13k to ~17k MRR.
Q3 – reached peak MRR 21k in August/September, went down again to ~17k MRR.
Q4 – steady MRR

On the personal side, my goals didn’t change. I wanted to go live on my own, and live abroad again with my girlfriend. I reached this goal by 50%.
In the past, I mentioned how my girlfriend started a new job that occupies most of the day (and only has 30 days of vacation per year). I’m super happy for her because she is doing what she likes but on the other hand, I like freedom. It feels like I, too have a 9-5 job now and I don’t like that.
Because of this, I moved to Portugal in June 2022 so now I spend more than half of the year abroad, where I live on my own. The other time I spend in Italy with my girlfriend, usually moving from an Airbnb apartment to the next.

My fitness goals didn’t change since 2020: I wanted to reach 80kg in weight, run my usual path in less than 20 mins, and be able to do 30 push-ups. I completely failed these goals.
On the positive side, I did enroll in a gym for the first time in my life in August and that was a great experience, although it lasted only one month. I’m moving frequently so it’s difficult to create a plan and work with the same trainer.
Another positive aspect related to fitness was that I picked up padel! I started in April because I didn’t like staying at home alone when my girlfriend was working, and I’m still playing to this day. I took a lot of lessons (~25) as well as playing almost every day, with peaks of 3-4 games per day. My average for the year is 2.2 games per week.

Last year, COVID hit the industry hard and I didn’t play live as much. I’m glad this year things started to pick up again and I play more shows, especially in the summer season 🎷
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I traveled quite frequently this year. Aside from going to Portugal almost every month, major travel included:
  • Cortina d’Ampezzo, just chilling in the snow with my girlfriend
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  • Malta, to attend Microconf EU
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  • Rome and Milan, to attend conferences
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  • Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, just chilling with my girl
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In 2021 we made more than $100k in revenue and I managed to save ~$40k while reinvesting most of it on myself and the business itself.
In 2022, we made more than $160k in revenue, while keeping profits at a pretty decent percentage.
The business still relies heavily on me, but I’ve been hiring more people to fill more roles. We now have 5 people working in the business, and more to come.
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Selling and acquiring
I tried to sell some of my businesses on MicroAcquire, but I don’t think I’m getting offers that reflect what they are worth, and it’s been just a waste of my time. Instead of doing that, I think I’ll either downsize some of my business or find operators.
Streams of income
My 2021 was basically about stacking different sources of income. I’m extremely risk-averse so I have SaaS products, a course, and a productized service, and I also consult.
2022 has been about focusing on high-ticket, high-touch, b2b software products.
Getting a job
I still think you can totally be an entrepreneur and an employee at the same time. All my attempts at being remotely considered for positions, though, failed miserably so far.
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2023 goals recap

So, my goals for 2023 are pretty much the same as in 2022 on the personal side and health side. Whereas, on the business side, I think we can at least double our revenue.
For the love of data,
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