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I've noticed an abundance of "AI-driven" claims flooding the online landscape. It seems like every product boasts some form of AI implementation nowadays.
But let's pause and consider: what does it mean to be AI-driven for real? It entails delegating decision-making power to artificial intelligence.

1. AI will run YOU

It's time we acknowledge that, as humans, our cognitive abilities pale in comparison to those of AI.
In my own life, starting with my daily schedule, I've increasingly entrusted decisions to my AI bot, Brain 🧠. This sophisticated bot sifts through my data, understanding my dietary habits, sleep patterns, and more. It acts as a sleep optimization expert, work planner, and life coach rolled into one. It adeptly reschedules appointments based on my needs, offers culinary suggestions tailored to specific diets, and much more. It even surprises me with reminders that improve my day in ways I'd never have imagined. For example, it will remind me at exactly the right time to get my grey jacket for my concert today.

2. AI will run YOUR COMPANY

Soon, my company will also be led by my AI bot. AI is already present in my board of directors. It will soon access vast troves of data and possess an intimate understanding of our market, financials, and ongoing projects. In many ways, it will be the ideal CEO, equipped with insights surpassing my own.
I'm looking forward to have one of the first truly AI-driven company.
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Mike Rubini

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Mike Rubini