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As a solo founder building something is a path of loneliness, especially if you are bootstrapping. Having a strong mindset is not a status quo, but rather a journey: most of the times the difficult part is to retain it.
Especially at the beginning we are doing everything ourselves and often times we fall into the trap of thinking that the greater our input is, the greater and the better the output will be. That’s just not true.
We think that since our competitors have better and greater resources, we should out work them. When you do that and work long hours two things happen:
  1. You make mistakes because you are tired and not focused (hello, night owls! =)
  1. You are in the trenches all the times. You are doing the daily work and not seeing the big picture.
One of the best things we can do for that is taking care of ourselves first so that we can operate at our peak state. This will both make us better human beings and better founders.
We all know what to do: work less but do more focused work, eat healthy, move, sleep well, get inspiration from nature and life experiences.
Thanks for reading,
Mike Rubini

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Mike Rubini