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If you are insecure, you can’t be an entrepreneur. Being resolute is the name of the game.
Entrepreneurship is about making decisions quickly with incomplete information. It’s a roller coaster, far from the concept of something stable.
Here are some things that make it so:
  • things brake all the time, it’s just entropy – you might be one commit, or one iteration away from finding product market fit
So, how do you become resolute?
You need to build momentum. And, to build momentum you need to be fast. Remember how we said entrepreneurship is about making decisions quickly with incomplete information? Key word: quickly.

How to build momentum

The common advice out there is when you have an idea, do not act on it quickly, let it sit for a day or two so that your brain can evaluate it. It could be “shiny object syndrome”, after all.
What I know: ideas are not equal.
Sometimes you might have an idea that is highly defined: you can pretty much see the idea live, you have crystal-clear steps in your mind, and the only thing that separates the idea from being a thing is you performing those steps.
Other times, you might have an idea where the steps are blurry, or maybe you don’t have steps in your mind at all.
Sometimes you might have an idea that fits you. It’s aligned with your values and core competencies. There’s nobody on the planet that can do it better than you, because you have something extra that nobody else has. It can be that you see very clearly a path towards getting a monopoly over an acquisition channel, or maybe that you see very clearly that you have the right experience for the job.
Some other times you might have an obvious idea, and you are fooling yourself that you can do it differently from competitor X or Y. “This time will work.”
You need to handle these ideas differently.If my idea is very basic, I write it down. That way my brain will notice more things related to it throughout the next days. This can help me understand it better. I don’t try to actively understand it better, though. More on that later.
If it’s an idea where I can clearly see how I can deploy it, then I act on it quickly.
Why I do it like that?
When you spend a lot of time planning, you actually become less productive.
You think a lot and you go through all the fun in your head, so when it comes to actually deploy the idea, you have lost the “momentum”: you had the fun in your brain already.
Mike Rubini

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Mike Rubini