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This is an addition to one of my other blog posts, called “make it boring”.
On that blog post, I wrote about how there’s always something (usually a shiny object) that can make your project look or feel cooler. Instead, you should aim to make it boring.
Similarly, there’s always something you can do to make your project be more ready.
There’s always something unexpected you can account for, something you can add to make your project more robust.
The reality is that these crucial problems, these unexpected things, are not real. They only live in your mind – and let’s be honest, maybe you use them as an excuse not to ship.
Instead, aim for your project to be less ready. You can sell “less ready” far easier.
If you don’t want to be “embarrassed by the first version of your product” like Hoffman said, then by all means, make it decent. But please, do not overthink it.
There’s no perfect product and things will eventually brake. In fact, I think there’s no second version of your product. There’s no “day two”.
What people miss is that it is always about the first version. It’s always “day one”.
If you want to make your project less ready, here is a short, uncompleted list of things you might not need now.
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