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I’m  a STRONG advocate that, at whatever point you are in building your SaaS, you don’t need 99% of the things you think you would need.
This is especially true when you are starting out a new business.
This is an ongoing list of those things.
Things you probably don’t need in your SaaS right now
  • Paid adsIf you can pay to get customers, it does not mean that you have a business.
  • Classes, models, frameworks, a lot of libraries, thinking about a good server structureI keep my code very essential. As the project grows, it will eventually break. That’s just entropy. I don’t fight that. In fact, I’m hoping that things break fast.
  • A logo
  • Onboarding
  • A staging environment
  • A team
  • Focus on security
  • Focus on GDPR
  • Write tests
  • Write documentation
  • SLA
I’ll be adding more from time to time, but feel free to suggest more things that are non-essential in the comments.
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Mike Rubini
Mike Rubini

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Mike Rubini