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In 2021, I’m hiring people to help me out.
Hiring has many problems, and I already wrote about how relationships are not linear here.
I also outlined my very opinionated candidate persona here.
As I reach my goal of $100k ARR with just SaaS products, I’ll be bringing on one person, and then possibly another one (for redundancy).

My first hire

My first hire is Clarice, she is an hard-working lady living in the Philippines, although she also speaks Italian fluently (she was born in Italy and lived here for a long time).
Her role is being my personal/executive assistant.
That’s right, I didn’t hire a marketer, or a customer support person, or a developer. I hired an assistant, a general doer, who can touch a lot of things and free up time for me.
Although I know that the single point of failure of my business is, indeed, myself, the goal is not to delegate and replace myself as of now.
The goal here is to make me even more productive, and make me reach a “super” version of myself. Super-Mike, anyone?
I don’t want to delegate too early. I reached my goals because of who I am and what I did until now, so not it makes only sense to double down on me. If not me, who?

Keeping it honest

I love SaaS as a business model, because it’s very honest. You either provide value and customers stay, or if you don’t, they leave.
I wanted to keep my working relationship with other people honest as well. So, everybody in my company is a contractor.
Much like Sahil at Gumroad, or Josh at Maybe, I like that my coworkers can leave me anytime if they are not happy. I also like that they can have multiple jobs.
Clarice, for example, is working 3 jobs, 2 of which full-time (one is with me). I also do the same, I work full-time on my SaaS, but I also consult and work as a contractor for other companies. That helps me stay sharp.

Shipping in the open

You may be asking yourself. Ok but what does Clarice do day-to day?
Well, glad you asked! Both me and Clarice ship in the open.
You can go to our Brain platform, choose a date and see exactly what everyone is working on.
If you prefer, we also have a Twitter company account that just tweets what we are accomplishing.
Oh, and yes, I also had to add a team section to our company website here.
Thanks for reading,
Mike Rubini

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Mike Rubini