It looks like magic, but it is not

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From the outside, doing what you do probably looks like magic.
If I think about what I do, playing music and creating software products, both look like magic.
In the case of music, I create something that wasn’t there before.
In the case of software, it’s actually the same thing. I have an idea that wasn’t there before and I build it.
In both cases, I go from 0 (nothing is there) to 1 (something is there). But going from 0 to 1 is not magic.
If you are great at what you do, you probably look like an effortless master of your craft.
The reality is, that probably costed you a lot of time. To get to that level, you put in tons of hours and continuing to do so.
Your audience, whether it’s your listeners or your customers, get to skip that, and that’s part of the value.
When you remind them that it’s not magic but just hard work, they will perceive even more value.
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