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A lot of people obsess over customers. They put customers at the centre of their business.
This is yet another thing that is “mainstream thinking”. Bezos did this, so let’s all do this. I question that.
There’s nothing wrong with obsessing over customers, customers are important. After all, no customers = no business.
Let’s just not forget that there is another key component to having an healthy business.
That component is you, the founder. No founder, no business. And, no customers.
So before obsessing over customers, obsess over founder. Any business should serve the founder first, then customers.
In fact, there are a lot of customers. So many, that I believe you can pick your customers.
But, there’s only one you, and only you can pick you. You should care about you the most and make sure everything in your life is well taken care of, especially if you are bootstrapping.
Ideas in this realm can be paying yourself first before reinvesting into the company (and customers), and making sure you are in a good physical and mental condition.
Mike Rubini

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Mike Rubini