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Today I’m launching 10 products on ProductHunt. All at the same time.
I wanted to expand on why I’m doing this. It comes down to a very simple marketing concept: space occupation 👾
Before we get into that, here’s a disclaimer:If you do try to replicate what I’m doing, please do it with real products. Marketers tend to ruin everything and I can see how someone might think to replicate my launch with less-than-average products. Don’t do it!
Each product I’m launching today is a real product that works. I spent years developing my products, some of those also have real customers already.
It’s not easy, as well. I had to resist hunting products for a long time, because I wanted to hunt them all together in this massive launch. It has not been easy, but I believe “good things come to those who can wait”.

The concept

Recently, I had a realization. Product Hunt is a lot like Google. From my marketing days, I remember that one of the tricks you can use whether you do SEO or Google Ads is to make the part of the screen you occupy bigger.
SEO people do that with structured snippets and rich results so that they occupy the first part of the screen, plus they have more links pointing to their article.
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If you run Google Ads, you can make your ad bigger with extensions.
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In the same vein, I wanted more screen real estate on PH.
What if I could occupy most of the positions on PH on a given day with just my products?
That’s what I set to do.
On ProductHunt, there are about 12 products featured on the homepage for the day, of which ~2 are ads. That leaves 10 products.
Ideally, I’d like to occupy those 10 positions.
This is only possible because I run multiple ventures in parallel.


This strategy is unheard of, and I don’t know if it will work. Here are some problems related to it:
  • Not all products you hunt go into the featured section. That’s a common problem and it’s not one I have control on, unfortunately. If that happens, I’ll ask the PH team to solve it for me.

Launch recap

Please support the launch by upvoting my products:
All and all it went well!Here are some numbers:
  • Top 5: I didn’t reach it. I think too many products are buying upvotes nowadays. Plus, PH was probably not on my side.
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  • Products that ended up in the homepage: 7
  • Sign-ups: a lot
  • New revenue: $150
  • New Twitter followers: ~100
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I’m super happy as this launch was something I had in mind for a long time. Lateral thinking is important.
No accounts were banned in the process
Mike Rubini

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Mike Rubini