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This is just a quick post that summarizes what I use to build my products. This also serves as a reminder for me of the apps that I use on almost all of my products.


  • PHP – usually my go-to. I don’t particularly like frameworks (I absolutely hate Laravel), nor I like OOP.
  • Bulma – a simple CSS framework. I can’t stress enough how good this is. It lets me build things faaast. I love it.
  • DigitalOcean – for servers. They have a feature that allows you to scale (down or up) your VM quickly. It’s also good to know exactly what you are going to spend at the end of the month for servers.
  • Git @ BitBucket – for version control
  • GlitchTip – self-hosted, for error tracking (cheap solutions include Zabbix and/or Greylog)
  • – to monitor the health of my sites (ping) but also cron management
  • Namecheap – for domain names, but I don’t like it
  • Metabase – self hosted, for giving db access to non-tech people


  • Stripe – to collect payments. I would like to use Paypal, but their API sucks.
  • Cal - for event scheduling
  • Tawk – for in-app chat. Seeing people browsing your website live is great.
  • Mailgun – for transactional emails, in conjunction with Cerberus for responsive templates
  • ListMonk - self hosted, for marketing emails (the second one is self-hosted and open source)


  • Xolo – for accounting
  • Profitwell – for calculating my MRR, plus I use it for dunning emails
  • Shlink – self hosted, for link shortening
  • Iubenda – for legal services, privacy and cookie policies
  • Docuseal – self hosted, for signing documents
Thanks for reading.

Last updated: May 12th, 2024
Mike Rubini

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Mike Rubini