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One of our principles is transparency. I previously wrote a blog post about why my startups have open metrics.
Since that article was published, I went all-in on transparency. I wanted to recap what we share right now.
For each of our products we share:
  • Expenses
  • Revenue Metrics
  • Revenue Goals
  • App Metrics
  • Roadmaps
  • Now pages
All of the stats are updated in real-time.
You can find expenses, revenue metric and goals, app metrics and roadmaps of each product here.
A now page is basically a page that tells you what our current focus is at this point in our life. The movement was started by Derek Sivers and you can read more here. You can find our “now” page here.
Finally, I wanted to recap why we do it:
1 – To inspire other makers
2 – To remind people that hard work is required
3 – To treat my customers like my real investors
Mike Rubini

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Mike Rubini