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These are two tech predictions and trends that I think will emerge in the coming months or even years.

Prediction 1

The first one is about pixel real estate.
The main concept is that the screen is becoming too crowded. We have lots of widgets on our websites that distract the user from the end goal. I think apps and widgets that have more integrations and do multiple things at once in the same app will eventually win the war over more specific apps.
Example: A widget that only has internal chat like will not prevail against a widget that has Facebook messaging features, internal chat, ticketing system, and more (like intercom for example).  The less screen you can occupy with just one app, the better.

Prediction 2

The other tech prediction is about data aggregation.
I think data is becoming too scattered. For a business owner is very tough to go through all the data that he/she needs to make informed decisions.
We are getting data from multiple sources: for example, for the same business, I can have data from Mailchimp, ManyChat, Hotjar, my database, Google Analytics, Shopify, and more.
The problem with this is that you have to log into each platform and what you see is only data that is relevant to that specific platform. So, if I log into Mailchimp I can only see open rates, I can not see how often or how many products a customer has bought.
The other thing is that most of those platforms let you see the data *they* want, meaning you can not decide what data is important to you and see data accordingly.  It’s very difficult to get global insights this way.
That’s why I think that data management solutions like, and other similar platforms will emerge more and more to aggregate this data and let you do custom reporting.
Mike Rubini

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Mike Rubini