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In a previous blog post, I discussed how I think code is becoming a commodity.
Still, I think the difference in the (somewhat near) future will be made by technology. A reader asked me to clarify my position on that.
First of all, technology is not only code.
There was a point in time when your bicycle was, in fact, technology. Now everyone has a bike. It’s a commodity.
The same can be said for cars, phones, and more.
I’m saying that the same will happen with code. Code is already everywhere.
I also think that what is built by code in any shape or form will become a commodity increasingly faster.
Something else will be technology. Maybe the internet won’t be there because it will become something else. After all, technology is always evolving.
When you ask yourself, “What will be the technology of the future?” I don’t think code will be the answer. Code will be used, but not the technology itself.
As of today, programmers mostly do not code at a machine level, but instead they kind of program the “glue” between components that are maintained by cloud services, which do a much better job of keeping everything safe, running, and scalable. In a way, programmers are becoming more and more architects.
Potentially, I think we will enter the era of gods: architects who deal with much more complex problems that do not necessarily drive business value.
Genetics and space are two fields that come to mind where we humans can improve our lives, maybe even live longer. Who knows.
But, I don’t think that it will make sense for us to work on low-impact tasks anymore.
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