I changed my company mission and vision

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I changed my company's vision from “we develop custom solutions for niche markets” to “we help people inform their business and life decisions using data.”
That’s for two main reasons:
  1. Through the years, I’ve discovered things about myself: I’m a starter, I tend to have a lot of things going on, I’m fast to go to market, I like data, and I like scraping data in particular. In fact, almost all of the projects that we run are data-driven and focus on retrieving data at this point. I simply wanted to reflect on this.
  1. These are some ideas about building a business that are glorified by media that I always challenged and want to continue to challenge. I also wanted to reflect on this.

So what are some problems we are trying to solve with our projects?

Information is widely available today. In fact, we have too much of it, causing a problem known as information overload.
Moreover, we often can not locate information because we have it distributed across different channels and devices: this problem is called information fragmentation.
We try to solve these problems by creating relationships and systems between the data so that it becomes more meaningful and clear.
That’s exactly what we do for different markets with Angage, ScrapeBook and other projects that are in the works. I also set some principles by which we operate.

Our Principles

  1. Velocity: we go to market as fast as we can. We keep our team small so that we can ship features faster than bigger corporations.
  1. Profit first: we ensure we have no or little overhead so that we can pay ourselves first and ensure the survival of the business. In this way, we were able to keep our projects profitable from day 1.
  1. Bootstrap mentality: all of our projects are built with an initial capital of less than $100. We strive to reach profitability from day 1 and we actively avoid working with investors. We don’t want another boss.
  1. Multiplicity: we try to create new autonomous, loosely interconnected projects by subtracting features from existing projects and applying them to other markets.
  1. Transparency: we share our journey, goals, app and revenue metrics with everyone.
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Mike Rubini

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